Office 365 is Unusable Due To Safelinks

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I just started using Office 365 and when I send someone an email with a link in it the URL gets totally screwed up with in the URL.


I work in news/content and my team and I literally email eachother links all day long. It appears there is no way for us to use Office 365 for email. Would changing clients to Thunderbird help, or, do I need to cancel my Office 365 subscription?


If I need to leave would you recommend rackspace or zoho? 


I've had O365 for 1 hour and it has brought my entire team to a standstill. I must have this resolved tonight.. 


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Hi @Len919 


You can change/turn off the settings for your team.


The above document has more information on configuring this. There is an option to not use safe links for internal emails which should hopefully help your issue.