Office 2019, Professional, Windows 11

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Windows 11 was just installed as a new installation and am having major difficulties with it.

Available, Office 2019 on a laptop under Windows 10, working

First question: I have a PST file from the laptop to import.  I cannot find a way to get Outlook in a configuration where the file can be imported.   How can that be done?

Further questions are more involved.

Start Outlook to get this dialog.  x@mbkelly is a stand in and replaced before continuing the setup attempt.  Note: I don’t want to connect, I want to set the configuration.

Image p01


picture 01picture 01picture 02picture 02

picture 01 and 02 are above but I cannot get the text where it makes the most sense.

Regardless, continue.

The next dialog selects IMAP, followed by password and a “Connect” button. 

The next dialog states “We couldn’t log on to the incoming IMAP server.  That is true, because the server is not named the same as my email address.  That is a setup problem.

Select option to Change Account Settings

picture 2 goes here

The field titles “Server” does not seem right.  That is my email address, not the name of the server.  My web site is hosted by and that site is used for getting email.

I try to compare with the dialogs on my laptop, but they are quite different.

Second question

Will it be more fruitful to explain how to import the PST or to continue a long set of screen by screen images to get Outlook configured?

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