Office 2016 Attachment Bug


Outlook 2016, When attaching items from the Attach File dialog. Outlook 2016 PC will not send an attachment at all if pulled from the 'recent' list. If I select Browse this PC and select it from there, it will work.


Any suggestion?

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Hi Julian, you are refering to a link when you add a attachment in SharePoint or Onedrive? to minimize traffic you get a link by default. But when you click on the attachment you can select download a copy as attachment. this will add it as a file. Kr, Paul

The bug mentionned (seems to) only affect Outlook 2016 Desktop client.

And only when using the attach a file dropdown ..

And only for PDF documents ...


As per screen shot below, the 'system center pdf' will not show as an attachement.




It has been reported on the Microsoft community forums: