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I have setup a scanner to email the scanned document to user. However the sent documents is stored under the "sent" item in OWA. This leads to  privacy concern.

Is there anyway to whether by mail rules or setting, to automatically delete the sent item; OR not saved in sent item every time a scan is make?


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Depends on how exactly you have set up the device/relay, generally speaking if you're using the "client submission" method, that's the expected behavior. See this article for comparison between the different methods:


You can simply stamp a retention tag on the Sent Items folder for said mailbox and have the items deleted periodically.

@Vasil Michev 

Not sure whether i understand the link correctly. I did not use a connector/relay to setup the scanner.

I just enter the O365 SMTP info with the user authentication. Is that the "client submission" method that you mentioned?


Yup, you're effectively logging in as the user, thus messages go by default to the Sent Items folder.

@Vasil Michev 


Is there a way/workaround for this submission method?
Or even from the administrator side, like creating mail flow or anyway to delete the saved items for the particular mailbox?


No, that's a change MS introduced a while back:


As mentioned in my original reply, a retention policy can get rid of those messages for you.

@Vasil Michev 


Is this the retention you were referring:



I have included 1 email address with the following setting:



Is this the right setup? This will delete all emails in the account, including sent item?



This can also work, but I would suggest using Exchange's retention policies instead, as they are more granular: