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 starting a couple months ago I stopped receiving some emails,  Some where from emails that I was receiving from before and some where new contacts trying to reach me.   If I found out from someone that I was not responding to emails I had to add them to the safe sender list.  Otherwise  I have no idea how many potential clients I have lost.  I have been in contact with out look with each response taking at least 24 hours.   so far  they had me check all the normal stuff,  rules, spam, reset the allowed devices etc.  with no change.  I have left a couple emails off of my safe sender so that we can test the issue.  even have checked blocked emails.   no solution.  I need help and cant find a way to call for help.   

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Hello. Do you use the Outlook program or is it through the web outlook?

@HOMEREPAIR24 I have had the same issue over the last few months.

Have you found a resolution?

I have not. I keep getting the run around from outlook. It takes days for
Them to respond. Then they ask dumb questions like what emails am I expecting. How am I supposed to know when someone is emailing me? Then they start the circle again. Beyond frustrated.
I’m sorry I don’t understand the question but I go to I don’t pay for a program.