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How do you stop Outlook from sending a a not read receipt as in the example below? I have had to edit the identifying information for privacy reasons and a resolution process has commenced.


This has caused my accountant some major embarrassment, and a client of mine has just lost a contract after his system sent out a similar message to their client, and a tense situation has become so much worse when contract documents were e-mailed and this was what they got.


In business it is not cute to get or send one of these, as it implies that the message was deleted when it might have been a duplicate created when either the message was inadvertently duplicated or not deleted on the server after it was downloaded.


Both have automatic reading receipts blocked with them asked if it is ok to send a receipt. Neither were given the option on sending a Not Read Receipt.


How can this be stopped please?





Your message

   To: ********
   Subject: **********
   Sent: ******, **** **, at **** *:**:** PM

 was deleted without being read on ******, **** **, at *:*:* PM


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