No Resend message in Outlook on web browser

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There is still a need to resend already sent messages.  The Windows Outlook Application has always had the capability to Resend (or Recall) a sent message.  The web version does not.  I have seen the answer to forward and clean it up, but that is not a good option due to the fact that resend keeps all the recipients (that could be a huge, complex mailing list of To:, Cc:, Bcc:) and messages exactly the same as the original so that all required recipients get important messages.  There needs to be an easy way for users to resending the same message say...weekly, monthly, daily, every time you update data, etc.  Not sure why this has been overlooked, but it is a vital tool for many users!


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I got this when trying to post on the site you proposed:

Your access to this website has been restricted.
Community feedback is currently supported for MSA, as well as AAD users in commercial clouds.
Try using a personal Microsoft account.


Used my personal account...still no access.  Why should I be looking for somewhere to post this.  
I believe it to be a long-standing oversight and just want someone to read it!

Because that's the place the PMs on Microsoft actually read. You'll not get any attention from them here.
All I have been saying is that I can't use any of my credentials to get into the site you mention that someone will read. So my issue remains unheard.