no Outlook 2016/365 reading pane or pinnable left Folder View with external Monitor

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Hi everbody,


i have follow setup:

1*surface 7 pro+

1*docking station with monitor (and some device) or only a lenovo usb-c hdmi adapter (same problem)

my outlook works perfect if:

my surface tablet is the primary display wirh a resolution of 2736x1834

my external display with 1920x2160 (yes its a half von 4k)


my outlook shows no reading pane or i cant pin my folder view:
my external display with 1920x2160 ist PRIMARY!
my surface display wirh a resolution of 2736x1834 ist secondary or off


when i change the display resolution from the external display to 1920x108 (FHD) for testing, it works

add; when i start outlook.exe (32/64bit equal) with compatible mode with 640x480 view i have a very small Outlook Windows, but i can see all views and co. strange

thanks and regards david

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Found a soultion:

Datei > Optionen > E-Mail > Lesebereich > Automatische Vollbildansicht im Hochformat aktivieren muss der Haken raus und dann klappt es wieder.