No option for background image in Outlook desktop app?

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It seems that the new Outlook app for desktop doesn't allow background images/themes, a feature present in the default windows app. Is there some workaround, alternative, or plugin I could be using that is just as fast, has the same features/functionality, and the same level of integration with my 365 account. Having a silly background image really helps break up the monotony of the day, picture included below comparing the default Windows Mail app on the left and Outlook 365 on the right.



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So I brought this to a support ticket and can confirm there is no option, as of today, to change the background image.  I'm hoping (and it seems unlikely to not be the case) they will change this, as, while the background image is quite nice, I'd like to personalize it like the rest of windows.


Forced to upgrade to the new outlook and it sucks. The previous mail app let you customize the background, while this one only allows you to choose from stupid presets. :thumbs_down: WHY would anyone want that?