Newest Outlook 2024 is so much harder to use: where are the columns? why can't you custom snooze?

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1. I can no longer set calendar entry reminder for 2 days in advance or 3 hours in advance: all the options have been reduced to (I guess) Microsoft's official increments

2. I can no longer SNOOZE calendar reminders for 45 minutes, 3 hours, 4 days (it's Friday, I don't need to deal with that until Tuesday... OOPS! I have to snooze that reminder FOUR TIMES because 2 hours is the longest I can snooze it) - why not change date? So I see when the original appointment was made or because it is a recurring appointment

3. I no longer have the columns I want to see in Outlook folders, after all, why would I want to see all the recipients of a message before I open it? Message size? and others

4. I don't WANT the preview pane, I want to see multiple columns and as many messages in the list as possible... Microsoft (and other software companies) waste SOO much screen space already, I do not have 20-100 vision, and I do not have a 60" monitor. I LIKED being able to look down my list of messages to see which messages were sent to just me and which were sent to me and my manager

5. Since I don't use the preview pane, it is a major pain in the neck to reply to a message... I double-click message and forward - then after I send my forward, I have to close the original message (what happened to doing that automatically???) AND I have to close the message in-line... why does the message open in-line when I click on Reply in the POPPED-OUT message????

6. Why are the Mail, Calendar and other buttons wasting so much space? They were fine below the folder pane, and it was great when you could actually choose where that appears LIKE YOU CAN THE PREVIEW PANE... instead there is a large amount of wasted space to the left of my e-mail folders (calendars, etc)

7. What is the organization of the claustrophobic e-mail folders? I used to be able to glance at the folders and know what I was looking at, now it is just a runtogetherjumbleofstuffIfinddifficulttofindthingsin. New folder format is as difficult to read as that.

8. Why has the File | Save As been made harder to use? WHY does Outlook assume I want to save anything to Downloads?!? If I am saving it, I probably want to save it to somewhere like... DOCUMENTS (isn't that what the folder is for... documents?! I certainly don't like having to save something then go dig it out of some other folder to put it where I want it.

9. Why are the easy (and far, far quicker) keyboard shortcuts being eliminated? I could attach a file to an e-mail message in the time it would take someone else to touch their mouse (or move the mouse cursor to the Insert link). I don't begrudge those who want to do things by mouse, but I seriously resent the faster and more productive (for those willing to learn them) keyboard shortcuts from being removed. I have SOOO many people thank me for telling them about <Windows>+<L>, <Windows>+<M>, <Ctrl>+<P> and <Ctrl>+<S>... why not keep keyboard functionality?

10. Why do I have to be on-line to see my messages and Calendar? If I already received the message, why do I need the Internet?


These are just the things I curse on a daily basis. I am forced to use this newer, dumbed-down version of Outlook. I am guessing Microsoft will eventually stop producing a desktop app for Office (until installed desktop applications become the rage again in 10 years) and they are trying to force people to use the on-line version. Microsoft, please get your software engineers to IMPROVE Outlook and stop modeling your software on the predictions of Idiocracy.


I tried to search for posts addressing snoozing Outlook reminders, but since all search functionality has been eliminated to ensure best MONETIZING results, it is impossible to search on snooze and Outlook reminders (including on this site) without getting far too many wildly irrelevant results.

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