New UI of Outlook on Windows giving wrong value for Office.PlatformType

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Write a basic taskpane based outlook add-in and print the extracted value of Office.context.platform by running it in new UI of Windows, it will give OfficeOnline while the expected value is PC as per documentation. Office.context.platform or Office.context.diagnostics.platform gives the same response as per documentation "In Outlook, this property is available from Mailbox requirement set 1.5. You can also use the `Office.context.diagnostics` property to get the platform starting with requirement set 1.5."


AndroidThe platform is an Android device.
iOSThe platform is an iOS device.
MacThe platform is Mac.
OfficeOnlineThe platform is Office on the web (in a browser).
PCThe platform is PC (Windows).
UniversalThe platform is WinRT.
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