New PC with SSD and HDD ... Outlook fails when Documents folder relocated to HDD

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Have an Office 2010 Pro installation where Outlook 2010 is set up to archive 30 pop email accounts with one inbox and associated folders ... just purchased a New WX Pro 64b P340 Thinkstation with 237GB SSD and 1.8TB HDD ... with the understanding that the SSD would be used for APPS and HDD would be used for USER DATA ... successfully migrated the old WX Pro 64b PC to this new PC and was expecting to be able to move the USER files to the HDD


Ultimately, Sadly, at least for Outlook 2010, I was unable to get a working Email Client with the PST files stored on D Drive (HDD) not sure if later versions would work or if I should go back through step 2 for my step 1 attemp? 



Moving C:\USERS with diskpart and robocopy failed miserably, requiring a Factory reinstall of the SSD ... apparently, this method requires a WX installation disk to be successful


1) Using folder Location options to relocate the Documents folder  (includes Outlook Files and all the PST files) caused Outlook to fail ... even after reconfiguring all the PST files using the change folder option in Outlook so they would be found, Outlook fails to auto send/receive (ALL 30 accounts manually test ok for both send and receive) ... most of the forum discussions suggest the only way to fix this is to create a new profile which would have required manually re-entering all the connection details (30 addresses) ... tried running scanpst on the outlook.pst file (17GB) but while it suggested there were errors requiring repair this repair didn't solve the issue ... was also very concerned that a new profile would have lost all the Historic Emails.


2) relocating Documents back to C Drive came with a number of other challenges ... the change folder option didn't work until I deleted the Documents folder on the D Drive ... once the PST files were reconfigured back to C drive, Outlook could receive files but wouldn't send any files ... I did an OFS PRO 2010 Repair (no change) ... ran scanpst (with repair) on ALL PST files ... once completed finally got this process running again.


Issue is SSD is faster for loading APPS but it has a finite write cycle which is the reason for wanting USER data that changes to be stored on the HDD










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Some additional tests:
- TCPIP reset netsh winsock reset
- with Wireshark loaded
- pinged the printer which provides traces showing the PC is able to communicate with the printer over the network
- test print which goes in to error never even tries to talk to the Printer (no Wireshark activity)

@bxdobs Hi!

I have had this exact sam prodble, but with the drives revesed.
I have a Data Drive (HDD) and a System Drive (SSD).

I currently have my PST files on the HDD and would like to migrate it to the SDD.
This is due to launch speed. Very slow on the HDD.

Anyway, when I move it to the 
SSD from the HDD it have a Send Recive error in Outlook.
When I move it back to the HDD the copy on the SSD needs to be removed for the HDD copy to work again.
I all cases I had created new profile in the Control Panel > User Account > Mail >Show Profile