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Hello. I will be clear and straightforward:


As your customer, if I pay for your applications, it is because they offer me certain services, which are the elements that differentiate you from your competitors.


This case of the New Outlook is a good example. If I wanted a simple webmail, I would use your competitors. Most of them offer almost the same as this lame Outlook you're going to foist on us, and they're free.


That said:


I want MY RULES (which have NEVER appeared in your OWA).
I want to MANAGE MY OWN PSTs, put them wherever I want and manage them myself.


In short, I want the features I decided to pay you for.


In the end, I know, I will be forced to use this at work (well, we'll see what I can do to avoid it), but at home, if you force me to switch to this, you can say goodbye to me as a customer.



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maybe... just maybe
if you would give a bit more constructive feedback instead of starting all sentences with 'I want..' like a 2 year old people might explain that in this era, where we all want to be flexible in where we work, speed is key we do not aim for big, slow and clunky applications this is the way forward.
Apps will move more and more to a cloud solution I think, or a cloud look & feel with also fast releases of small pieces of work (Agile way of working... remember the fast ;-)) so WE can try stuff earlier and see which direction we are heading and -in this case- Microsoft can learn from our feedback to keep working on stuff that makes us happy.
For your convenience they added a feedback option in the new outlook



But I agree that we are missing some basic features in the New Outlook - so let's agree to keep providing them with constructive and friendly feedback :) Have a great day



We are not Office users, however much they like to call us this way. We are Microsoft customers. We are not 2 years old; we are of legal age, and after evaluating a product, we pay for it and use it. And we would never expect the manufacturer to come and take half of what they bought from us.


As a customer I don't have to explain why I WANT certain features I paid for. I paid for them because I valued them. And now MS has unilaterally decided to remove them.


This is beyond the pale. And if you don't understand my annoyance, maybe you're being a bit ingenuous.


I don't have to justify or argue my needs or preferences to a vendor, trying to convince them that I bought a Rolls Royce and now they shouldn't trade me for a Hyundai.


I have already repeated myself too much, and I have already clearly explained everything I intended. If there are more people willing to lecture me on how to treat a supplier, they can save themselves the trouble of explaining their vision of life to me.



And I want createobject('outlook.application') to continue to work as well .


When I see the new outlook, I believe Thunderbird SUPERNOVA have good days ahead !  

That is another feature that has been cut back, as if being able to make a system to, for example, automatically process automated notification and warning emails was a trivial, unimportant matter.

I repeat: if we want silly little applications to send us photos of the last holiday, there are dozens of free systems, so why throw money away on Microsoft.