New Outlook: Workaround Solution for Creating Rules for Sent Items


Many users have expressed that they are missing one of Outlook Classic's features: the ability to create rules for sent items. One popular use is automatically moving a Sent item to a designated folder of choice, which reduces the time it takes to handle email.


Currently, rules in New Outlook manage received messages in the Inbox. You can read this blog for details. 
New Outlook Limitations: Outgoing Message Rules » TRACCreations4E

I am happy to share that I finally came up with a workaround solution to add a copy of the message you sent to a folder of your choice. Yes, the original message will remain in the Sent folder, but you don't have to manually move it. This method should hold you over until Microsoft rolls out this sent rules functionality, which has not yet been added to the roadmap. 

Watch the full tutorial to discover how you can:

Remember, this is a workaround solution. I am also waiting patiently for the Sent Rules functionality.

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#traccreations4e 6/11/2024

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