NEW outlook will NOT play sound when notifications appear.

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I have looked absolutely everywhere and tried soooo many workarounds and settings changes both in the NEW outlook, the WEB outlook, reverting back to the OLD outlook and back again, ENSURED my windows notification settings, battery settings, focus assist settings are all CORRECT, I have enabled notifications for outlook on windows, for all apps, I have went through ALL the old outlook settings, web and new (desktop) outlook notification settings and even my windows control center's sound settings. 


I receive sounds for EVERY other app I have notifications set except for outlook. very unhappy with the new outlook but am determined to continue using it as I am now comfortable with it. I am using an HP-Dragonfly 3 laptop with Windows 11. how difficult can it be to get the sound working properly? I work in tech and as I've said, I've gone through ALL the windows help forum discussions and many others outside of windows/outlook trying to find a solution. 


Has anyone with this issue actually found a solution? 

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