New Outlook: Web links not opening in default browser

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I'm seeing some strange behavior with the New Outlook and clicking on Web Links.  The web pages will open in a small window (maybe it's WebView2 not sure) instead of the default browser (Edge in my configuration). 

This seems to be happening more with emails that come from an external source and not emails from mailboxes in the tenant.  It will display "Verifying Link" and then the web page.

I have found one work-around.  If you have a mouse with a clickable wheel, it will open in the default browser.  (Not ideal for everyone). 

I have a friend that is on Win10 and New Outlook not experiencing this issue.  May be related to New Outlook + Win11. 

This is annoying because many of the links I use require authentication and when the small web view window opens, it requires re-authenticating like a private browser session, however if it opens in the default web browser, I don't have to authenticate if I have already authenticated. 


New Outlook version: 1.2024.508.600 (Production)

Windows OS: Win11 Enterprise 22H2

OS Build: 22621.3447

Windows Feature Experience Pack: 1000.22688.1000.0

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@NinoCiraulo same issue here - that, and all the other things wrong with the app, have made revert back to old Outlook. Too many things that made using it infuriating!