New Outlook: Send To OneNote Is Not Missing. It's buried.


Do you rely heavily on OneNote to keep your life organized? Are you unable to find the Send to OneNote icon in New Outlook? 


The Send to OneNote icon is buried deep down in the customize action ribbon - don't worry, I've got a video that will show you how to resurrect it! 



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/Teresa #traccreations4e 04/24/2024

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Nice overview! However, if you're a business customer and have more than 5,000 items within your OneDrive, which usually is the case, the OneNote API fails with the following error. This is a show stopper for anyone who uses OneNote and wants to transition to the New Outlook. There is also zero support from Microsoft on this, from what I've read. This limit needs to be removed especially since Microsoft is prioritizing OneDrive and business customers have ever increasing storage needs.

Error: One or more of the document libraries on the user or group's OneDrive contains more than 5,000 OneNote items (notebooks, sections, section groups) and cannot be queried using the API. Please make sure that none of the user or group's document libraries contains more than 5,000 OneNote items. Browse to this page for more information:
Code: 10008
I have the same issue which is present as of 2024-06-20 using Outlook build 1.2024.516.100.