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When can we except working regional settings for new Outlook?
For example not to lock settings to display language and/or allow sync settings from M365.


Cannot really understand that decisions to lock settings to display language???

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The issue of regional settings being locked to the display language in the new Outlook has been a point of contention for many users. While I can't provide a specific release date for when this issue will be addressed, I can offer some context and suggest steps you can take to stay updated on potential changes.

Current Situation

In the new Outlook for Windows, the regional settings such as date and time formats, currency, and other locale-specific settings are often tied to the display language. This can be inconvenient for users who prefer one display language but need different regional settings.

Potential Solutions

  1. Feedback to Microsoft:
    • Microsoft often updates its products based on user feedback. You can provide feedback directly within Outlook by going to Help > Feedback. The more users report this issue, the more likely it is to be prioritized.
  2. Microsoft 365 Settings Sync:
    • Ensure that your Microsoft 365 account settings are configured correctly. Sometimes syncing issues can be resolved by adjusting settings at the account level.
    • Go to Settings in your Microsoft 365 account online, and check the Language and Region settings.

Temporary Workarounds

  1. Change Display Language Temporarily:
    • While not ideal, temporarily changing the display language to match the desired regional settings might help in specific scenarios.
    • Go to File > Options > Language in Outlook to change the display language.
  2. Adjust Windows Regional Settings:
    • Sometimes adjusting the regional settings in Windows itself can influence how Outlook displays date, time, and other regional formats.
    • Go to Settings > Time & Language > Region in Windows and adjust the regional settings as needed.

Stay Updated

  1. Microsoft 365 Roadmap:
    • Regularly check the Microsoft 365 Roadmap for updates on new features and improvements. Search for updates related to Outlook or regional settings.
  2. Microsoft Tech Community:
    • Engage with the Microsoft Tech Community to stay informed about upcoming changes and to discuss issues with other users and Microsoft employees.
  3. Office Insider Program:
    • Consider joining the Office Insider Program to get early access to new features and updates. This can give you a preview of any changes related to regional settings before they are widely released.


While there is no confirmed date for when Microsoft will address the issue of regional settings being locked to the display language in the new Outlook, providing feedback to Microsoft and staying updated through official channels are your best options. In the meantime, using the workarounds mentioned can help manage the inconvenience. The text and steps were edited with the help of AI.


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