New Outlook - Red exclamation icon in groups section

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Has someone seen something like this?


After I deleted some M365 Groups I owned that I created for some tests, that icon appeared. I don't know if it is a coincidence or related... but that icon must represent something and I have no idea what it is and why is there.


If I move my cursor over it, the "more actions" button appears, or the full Groups "row" is highlighted (and the More actions button appears too)... so I cannot just put the cursor there and get some clue of the icon meaning.



If I open Outlook on the web, there's no such icon.


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@Nazul, I have just had it appear in my outlook too: 


I can't see any information about warning me of, or get rid of it

The New Outlook was recently updated. Icons in the left sidebar are more colorful, which helped me to identify it was a new build.

With this new build, that warning is no longer present.