New Outlook Online - Forgotten Attachment Reminder gone

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One of our users used the "Have you forgotten to add an attachment" reminder, they are now using the new version of outlook and the feature is no longer there.


Does anybody know how to turn it back on?  or whether it is a feature that will be rolled out?


I looked on the Office 365 roadmap and there is a suggested attachments feature, Is that going to be the replacement?


Cheers for any info



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Afaik it simply isn't supported yet in the new OWA version. It's a preview, lots of other features are still missing as detailed here:

Thanks for that link, very helpful.


Hi, I am hoping you can tell me if this feature is available yet?  I am so used to having the reminder that I am sending way too many emails without the attachment and am desperate to have that reminder again!!!!

If it is not a functionality yet, is there anyway I can revert to the old version?

Thank you

@Andrea1415  Did you get an answer to this...I am sending emails without the attachments daily!!



Nope.  Was just told to keep checking the office365 roadmap.  No sign of it returning so far.