New Outlook not showing my teams calenders

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After updating and moving to New Outlook, old functions such as My Teams calendars are no longer shown in Calender-view. This is a very practical function in our company that is requested.


Standard troubleshooting done, reinstallation, etc., but not working.

What's strange is that they are also missing in the web-based version (I have never noticed it there because I never use the web-based version).


Is this feature no longer available in New Outlook?

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Similar issue, Classic Outlook is not showing the New Teams add-in to create appointments. All other add-ins carried over when switching to New Teams from Classic Teams. Classic Teams was uninstalled. There are no other add-ins related to Teams in Outlook.

Has this feature been removed, modified, or is there a new add-in required to amend this feature? Should we only be scheduling via New Teams calendar, and there is no longer integration with Outlook (classic or new)? Else, should we switch to New Outlook to work with New Teams for calendar sync?

@Lobelito  I have the same issue!  I'm not sure New Outlook is better.  Have you been able to fix your issue?  Thanks!