New Outlook - Messages stay "unread" even after double click

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In the Old Outlook Desktop I had the option to keep messages UNREAD untill I clicked twice to open them. The new outlook does not seem to support this option.


I tried the option:  "Weergeven items markeren als gelezen wanneer de selectie wordt gewijzigd" and "Items niet automatisch markeren als gelezen", both keep messages unread, even after opening them with double click.

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This sounds like a glitch. Please hit the Help button and select Report an issue while in New Outlook.


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This is happening in an IMAP account? Are they momentarily read then switch back to unread? If so, that is a known bug with IMAP accounts.

If it's a Microsoft Exchange account, use Help > contact support to report it.
It is Exchange, I reported it. Keep switching back to "old" Outlook though because I miss too many features that I use regularly. I regret it as the "new" Outlook has some nice new features.
I have not noticed that problem with my exchange accounts, only IMAP, but yeah, new Outlook is missing a lot of features. I use it mostly for pinning.

If you pin new Outlook to the task bar then switch back to classic, you can use both. You can have both open at the same time.
Pinning Outlook Classic and Outlook New does not work. I can either open New of Classic, not both at the same time.