New Outlook - integration into existing applications

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Hi, I've been reading up on New Outlook but can't find anything that talks about methods of integration into other applications.  I've got a number of applications that call the existing client outlook client and automate sending of single or multiple emails for direct communication or mail merge purposes (using COM) including Digital Metaphors' Report Builder and a Delphi 2009 desktop application.

Does anyone know if it's currently possible (or planned within a specific timescale) to do this with New Outlook please?

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No, it is not currently possible to integrate into the new outlook. It doesn't support com add-ins or scripting, only Add-Ins for Outlook in the office app store.
Com add-in support will not be added - hard to say about PowerShell support - but it will eventually support mail merge and sending mail from apps (otherwise there are a number of people who will not use it). This may be a year or more off though.
That's what I'd found too. Feels like I'm going to be looking for alternatives. Anyone found anything that doesn't mean a complete re-write of integration with older versions of report builder and delphi please?