new Outlook has a bug with the "enter an email address to sign in" input box

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I have installed the new Outlook using the method described in this page:  Deployment overview for the new Outlook for Windows - Deploy Office | Microsoft Learn


When I launch Outlook (new), the initial Sign in window prompts for an email address and when you start typing the address it won't let you type more than one character.  If you click Continue you can then type the full address but you have to do this each time you launch Outlook (new).



Anybody else find this?


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I'm having this issue also. I'll try a reinstall of the app if possible.
That didn't work :pouting_face:
Uninstalled Outlook (New) and reinstalled 'Mail and Calendar' from Microsoft Store, works fine again.
Looks like Microsoft has resolved this bug. It is now working in Outlook (new) v.1.2024.516.100.