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i am trying the new outlook and want to ask for some features from old one, which i could not find right now. I just would like to know, if I can not find them, or if they are really not implemented yet:


1. change the senders e-mail ; in old outlook i could add another e-mail adress as sender. For example, write new e-mail, on the buttom "From:" you can click and choose "New E-Mail Adress..." or something like that


2. Offline saving from data is not implemented yet, as far as i read the info sites? Right now, my email accounts are loading every start everything new


3. All my email accounts, except the standard account, are collapsed from start up. i have to open them every start?

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Hi ToBr,
With Microsoft Outlook version 1.2023.831.400, I'm able to switch from one email to another as a sender.

@smlavoie22 yep that is possible. but not with alias for an account