New Outlook for Windows forgetting mail account settings

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I have serious problems with the new Outlook Windows app. Until the start of this month I had the problem, that on each start after entering my mail account password I had to go through the 'Getting started' process, the time zone was reset and the folders got back into the Favorites on every second start, despite removing them from there.

Beginning from March 2024 the mail account settings are also forgotten, so every time I have to set all the IMAP and SMTP settings, which is very frustrating. My colleagues don't have this issue with the new Outlook app. I've tried to Reset, Repair and Reinstall the app, but nothing helped. Does somebody have also these problems, or maybe a solution?


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@NRobert88Hi, I have the same problem. I found that user settings are not saved in new Outlook for some unknown reason. The settings for new Outlook are stored in C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Olk\UserSettings.json and it should be created after Outlook is closed. It works fine on one PC but not on the other. I have tried resetting and uninstalling new Outlook several times but no luck. Could anyone help with this issue?


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I have the same problem.  New Outlook works on one Laptop (eventually) but I cant get any credentials to be stored on the other laptop and it requests all the logins again but forgets them on exit.  


Hope someone solves this soon