New Outlook for Windows aka Outlook Web - Calendars from Distribution Groups

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anyone knwos, how it is possible to add Calendars from Distribution Groups in the way it was possible in the Classic Version?
We liked this function and dont want to migrate to the new Outlook Client until we don't have a solution for this.


regards Niklas

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Hi @NKbob 

check below article from @Andres Bohren .

Outlook Calendar - you can't add Distribution List to Calendar Group - Icewolf Blog



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In the classic version of certain calendar applications, it was possible to add calendars from distribution groups directly. However, the specific capabilities and features of calendar applications can vary across different platforms and versions. If you're using a newer version or a different calendar application, the method to add calendars from distribution groups may have changed.

To determine the exact process, it would be helpful to know which calendar application you are using. Different applications may have different options and settings for integrating distribution group calendars. Please provide more details about the specific calendar application you're using, and I'll be happy to provide further guidance.

Regarding the connection to racing games, it seems like there may be a missing link in your question. Could you please clarify how the topic of adding calendars from distribution groups relates to racing games? With more information, I'll do my best to assist you.