New Outlook for Windows_24Apr23

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Returned to previous version after using the new one for 4 hours in absence of following features which I use quite often:


  1. Quick Access Toolbar in main app as well as drafting the new email.
  2. 'Resend this Message'
  3. Delayed delivery
  4. 'Autocorrect' feature which I specifically use to replace the couple of letters with a phrase(s).


Does anyone has also come across the missing of these useful features? Is there any work around or need to wait till it become stabilize?



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Drag and drop does not work either, can't drag a email to a calendar.
Can't select a tab calendar because tabbed grouped calendars that function is no longer available in the new Outlook.
I've returned also to the old one, since this functions are very important and use them every day to create events for my team with shared calendars.

Yes agree with Resend and Autocorrect completely! Plus the Favourites is just rubbish. Every account has a favourite instead of one Outlook favourites for different accounts. And I can't reorder the accounts. Why remove functionality?!?!

The only improvement is the My Day pane now shows all calendars.

The New Outlook is in the preview beta stage. Here is an opportunity to click on the Help button and provide Microsoft feedback.

Also here is the post that identifies current missing features but is in development.

Microsoft is allowing users to get ready for the future Outlook which looks and feel like the web version. It's best to learn in bite size vs. all at once and while you are unable to revert to the classic version.

New Outlook is in motion to be the standard Outlook 365 for Windows. It's coming.

ps. nice post

By the way, you cannot move the Application navigation pane from the left to the bottom of the screen. Many users were upset about this change in the Classic version. I have been using the web version for several years without the flexibility to move it.

I encourage users to give Microsoft this feedback for the New Outlook, hoping Microsoft give users a left navigation placement option.