New Outlook for Window: More Classic Features Released


Great news! The New Outlook for Windows now includes more of the classic features that you know and love. Microsoft is slowly rolling out these features, and you can find out more about them by watching my informative video.


If plan to watch the video, please let me know by giving me a thumbs up. This will help me keep track of how valuable this content is for this platform.


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I am getting used to the new Outlook but notice that a couple of significant features are no longer available - I have today fed these back to Microsoft so hope they'll bring them back.
1. Paste options don't paste in screenshots into a message - I've tried all 3 pasting options and none work (using HTML mail format). The only way that I can provide screenshots or text containing screenshots (ie. user guide) is to produce in Word and then attach to the email - takes much longer to achieve and less visible to recipient as they need to open the attachment first to see the information.
2. You cannot change basic formatting options such as line/paragraph spacing so things like bulleted/numbered lists are much more bunched together.
3. In the classic version you can open a message and change the subject line (this is quite useful if you have an email but can't easily identify by the subject, you can edit and save with the new title).
These may seem like little things but they can save so much time. I really hope Microsoft reconsider these.
Great video by the way! I've subscribed and hopefully will get some really valuable nuggets from you as I have so far - thanks so much!