New Outlook for Mac

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I have started using the new Outlook for Mac (Office 365); when I try to make rules, it comes up with an error message saying that Rules are not supported for this account. Any clues as to why not, and more importantly is there a fix please? The rules worked in the older Outlook!

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@JeffreyBakerinspplod   At this time, only office 365 business accounts support rules in the new Outlook - not IMAP and not   

@JeffreyBakerinspplod Don't call that number that was posted a few minutes ago - it is a tech support scam. 

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Hi, I have now subscribed to MS 365 Business, and the rules still do not work in the new Outlook. 

@jeffbakercircleoflove Business email account - My office software is a Family subscription but I have a business account set up in it - I have rules for the business account but not the account.