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Just switched to the new Outlook for Mac.  What happened to On My Computer Files folders?  I used to have all my old emails grouped by years in .pst files.


If I go to Preferences, and General, the "Hide On My Computer folders" is grayed out.


If I go to File, Import and Export are grayed out.


Please help!



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@JayBrant I second that ... or add allow for import .pst, so we can keep emails outside our mailboxes

Also seconded, I utilize this feature a lot and do not want to lose my files when we're eventually forced to switch to "New Outlook".

@JayBrant Have you found a resolution for this? I can't find all of my filed emails either. And can't figure out how to revert back to the previous version of Outlook. Thank you!

@netsirk17 reverting back is easy ... there is a slider on the top right side of the application window.

@netsirk17  my resolution is to use the old version.  I'm on a Mac and there is a toggle button at the top to use new or old.

I have a feeling that the slider will not stay forever, so it'd be nice to get a real solution, MICROSOFT......

@JayBrant This is a HUGE obstacle for me.  I don't need my emails, but all of my calendar events disappear once I switch unless the event was created through an email.  I set many hundreds of reminders for MYSELF throughout the year, many recurring, so I can remember things.  It appears if they are not connected to an email invite that they will go away.  I can't imagine the headache this will cause me when I am forced to migrate.  It may just move me from Outlook.

@JayBrant Same here... Hey Microsoft, anyone home?  Anyone listening?  YoooHoooo!!!

Hello all. So I switched back to the old version to get to my folders (I just needed an old email to forward along). Then I decided to flip back to the "New Outlook" experience.  I noticed, when I did, this popped in the box to confirm the switch...


Screen Shot 2020-11-09 at 4.22.14 PM.png








This is asinine.  

@BaucomRick Agreed, the ability to view the migrated PST folders from my old PCs is the main (I guess only) reason for me using outlook on the Mac.  If they take that feature away it's no good to me at all and will mean I might as well move to Apple's mail client.



Hey Microsoft? Are you ever going to answer? We need an answer on this. Bueller????

Likewise - the inability to import/export on outlook 365 for mac is horrific.  


Microsoft - any idea? 


@zer0433  i got exactly the same, Import and Export greyed out....

hope someone could fix it soon

@JayBrant @zer0433 

I happenen to get the solution.

I am using macbook with M1 chip, so i have an outlook version 16.44 (office 365 version), which is universal for intel and m1 CPU. I hope it fits in your cases as well.

Solution is to switch the default NEW outlook to OLD. 

Find the switch at the top right of your menu bar, should be like this:



Click on it, it will prompt for your confirmation like this:



Click "Switch Back", Outlook will restart. 

And then you will see the Import and Export functions available:



I will be glad to know if it help you.



Found this other article which has a link for voting to ask for this feature:


Don't understand why On My Computer isn't a default feature, but hopefully if enough of us complain and vote yes to include it back, then maybe Microsoft will make the change.

@JayBrantI also see that not only are all On my Computer files gone, all of my Outlook Calendar Events and Contacts also disappeared. In Customer Support Chat, I was told that these items (these are not my Mac iCal and contacts, just the ones in Outlook) is tied to the On my Computer issue. So, I once again switched back to the Old Version. Why pay for a subscription that doesn't offer all of the features. Yes, my IMAP E-Mails are now transitioned, but all of the business calendar events nowhere. Ridiculous!

This was helpful to me. Thanks.

Reveting back certainly fixes the lost folder problem, but the new problem is that it strips away all attachments! This is very frustrating. @JayBrant 



I went to the link and voted in favor of keeping "On My Computer" folders.  Please everyone else do the same.