New Outlook doesn't show my name in sent emails, only my email address (IMAP account)

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Hello all,


Just that problem. When I send emails through the new outlook the recipient sees my email address where it should be my name in the sender field. This is an IMAP account.


I've searched for similar answers but they were a bit old and I am not sure if this has been updated yet.


I've just switched from the Mail app in Win 11 to the new Outlook as I have been having some problems with emails stuck in the outbox and a lot of repeated drafts in that older app. So far that issue hasn't shown up in the new outlook and everything works fine, except for the thing that my name is not displayed in sent emails. 


It is not a problem with recipients who already know me, but for new ones it might look odd.


Many thanks 



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Hi @DiegoPabon 


I am an independent advisor answering questions about New Outlook for Windows.


I have multiple accounts in New Outlook.  While composing a message, the full email address appears in the "From" line to different email accounts. I suspect many users complained about using the wrong email address. 


I tested, and it confirmed when I sent an email to another account, the Recipient name appeared.



Try it to confirm.


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Hi @Teresa_Cyrus,


Thank you, really appreciate your time with this. But for me unfortunately my name still doesn't appear in the From field, only the email address.


This is how the email sent from the IMAP account appears for me on my Yahoo account in a test message I've just sent:

Screenshot 2023-12-05 091206.jpg

The same happens on other accounts to which I've sent test emails.


Perhaps it might have something to do with the New Outlook version I have installed? (1.2023.1129.100). Windows has already been updated to 11 23H2.


Thank you again for your help





Thank you for the update. I have the same version as you.

I will investigate some more. Please give me a couple of days.


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Thank you Teresa, I really appreciate your help with this!

I have the same issue. Wish microsoft can fix this problem as soon as possible.


I too have same problem....IMAP account in NEW Outlook will only display email address on sent mails etc...Not able to edit and put in a proper 'display name' in the account.
Why would Microsoft release this when the functionality is not ready...
I too am experiencing this annoying issue. I have just set up a new Microsoft 365 account on my Mac and syncing my IMAP email accounts with Outlook means all the settings in my account are locked in and my accounts are showing my email address instead of my Full Name.

One solution I have found is to delete the account and set it up again as a non-synced Microsoft Cloud account.

So when the panel pops up to Continue setting up the account with Microsoft, just click the Sync directly with IMAP link at the bottom of the panel. This setup allows you to enter your name in the Full Name field.

It's not the perfect solution but hopefully that helps in a small way.

I guess this means the account is not synced with Microsoft Cloud so maybe someone can explain what I might be missing out on.

> Outlook 16.81.2 on MacOS 14.3


I'm having this issue too. I also see emails that I sent BEFORE changing to new outlook... from the old mail app, and they are displaying my name correctly. It's definately a fault of new outlook. Old outlook also displays correctly.

New Outlook is definitely to blame. I have noticed that when you create an "account" in your email app for Mail and the old Outlook, you append a name in a field that asks who you want the email to be sent by. New Outlook does not have this field. I would guess that there is data attached to the email to say who is the sender that is entered in this field, and thus, new Outlook is sending this information blank.... so the apps on the reader's end is just placing the email in instead. Reminds me of email apps in the '90s. Not entirely surprised Microsoft would miss this.