New Outlook Design Flaws

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In the newest Outlook desktop design, there are several significant productivity design flaws:

  1. Not being able to open multiple Email items in multiple tabs (must force to whole new window)
  2. Calendar not showing bold for days that have items scheduled as opposed to days that are completely open.
  3. Email controls are allowed to scroll away (with the Email) so that when the user is down at the bottom of a read Email, they must scroll back up to the top to access the controls.

All of these (and others) are easily fixable and previously existed in the older version...  I dare someone to tell me how this new version is better for us - the user - and not just better for MS!

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Not to mention:

- Automatic translations are removed when forwarding a message.

- No option to translate just a section of an email message.

- Favorites in the Navigation Pane move out of sight when scrolling down. (What is the point of the favorites then?)

- Paste option "paste as picture" does not exist


Still some way to go, to be come the work tool it was.