New Outlook Deleting/Not Recognising Hyperlinks (Bentley project wise)

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New outlook does not seem able to parse project wise links which start with PW://. But not only that it doesn't recognise them as links at all. Emails received with PW:// links are simply ignored and treated as plain text. Replying to the email, the link then is correctly formatted as a hyperlink, but right clicking and 'edit' the link field is blank. 

This is on any email account.

Switching back to legacy outlook and the emails are fine. 


This is in both outlook for windows and outlook for Mac. 


Windows new outlook.pngWindows legacy outlook.png

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We are experiencing the same thing with regular http links sent in clear text. In Classic Outlook these were treated and highlighted as links. Switching over to New Outlook these links are just treated as plain text.

I cant find anything on this if it is a bug or just a change in the behavior of the Client since its now a PWA app.