New Outlook - date format problem with imported CSV contacts

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Because the format of contacts in new Outlook has changed, New Outlook requires contacts to be exported from old Outlook, and imported into new Outlook. I have my locale set to Australia in both new Outlook and old Outlook. I exported my contacts from old Outlook to a CSV file. When I open the fil e in Notepad, I can see that birth dates are in d/m/yyyy format (eg, 20/8/1960). When I import the file into new Outlook, dates with a day that's 12 or less are being interpreted as US format (m/d/yyyy), so that a date of 5/8/2023 (5 August) is being imported as 8 May. And dates with a day of 13 or above are being discarded because the import process thinks the day is actually the month. Any advice on getting around this would be appreciated.

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