New Outlook: ctrl-V to paste image as attachment, not inline

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Hi everyone, new to this support forum.


1. Is there a formal name for "New Outlook" like a version number that we can use for searches, rather than Outlook or New Outlook?

2. In Mail for Windows, which I had been using before New Outlook, if in Windows Explorer, I copied an image file using ctrl-C, if I went to Mail and created a new email then pressed ctrl-V, it pasted the file as an attachment. This is what I need it to do. In the New Outlook, doing the same steps results in the image being pasted inline the body of the message.


I am aware of course that I can click the attachment button and select the file that way. But I'd like to know if there's a way to change the default behavior of ctrl-V in this scenario so that it acts like it does with Mail -- i.e., attaches the file that has been copied to the clipboard.


Thank you.

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I am an independent advisor answering questions about New Outlook.


Thank you for bringing this behavior to my attention.  At this time, when you paste or drag an image to the New Outlook, it will be inlined in the body of the message.


I tried it with other file types, like ppt, docs, and xlsx, and instantly, I received a prompt to "Attach as a copy" or "Upload and share as OneDrive link.


You want the same prompt for images. This functionality will be helpful to users. I recommend that you give Microsoft the feedback and post the link in this thread so others can vote.


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