New Outlook App Opens Tasks in My Browser, instead of Within the App

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In the New Windows app, when I click on the blue checkmark (Tasks) icon instead of opening it in the app, it opens a page in my web browser. If I wanted to use Outlook in my browser, I wouldn't be using the app. Is there a way to configure this feature?




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@JeffInIdahosame here. Not hopeful there's an answer though maybe an overly polite MS agent will post a cut and paste response.

HaHa. Yeah. I don't know why I posted here. I put the questions on Reddit too. I usually get better feedback there.
Same here - the integration with the current Outlook is a lot better. I'm hoping this is just a preview issue. The OneNote integration isn't great either and also opens the web app.
I hope so too, but I'm not holding my breath!
Saw over on another support forum this is how it works right now in preview. It's dumb, but it's how it works currently. Another problem is when the web page does open, it's glacially slow. So far, To Do behaves differently in every version/mode of Outlook, they really need to fix this.

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Just confirming what @Curt Kessler said. The To Do App (Tasks) is a web app. By MS's design, it is the default app for New Outlook and Web versions' tasks.


It is also available in the classic Outlook.


I have not heard any word that a desktop version is in the makings.


Why are there so many darned versions of the different Microsoft apps? Every time I click on a link related to an issue...even a link provided to me by whatever Microsoft app that I'm using... it leads to a version that I'm not using or is so dated that the published sequence no longer works. It would be so nice if they would focus on one single version and, instead of spitting out new versions, provided some customer service.
Yes it's a web app, but it has an icon in the new Outlook client (and in the 'old' one). The new Outlook opens the app in a separate browser page (launching Edge if not open). The old one holds the web task app inside the Outlook client, This is dumb. All the other Outlook icons open their windows inside Outlook except To Do. And the 'old' client behaves as expected. It's the new one that has this disjointed experience.
And there is a desktop To Do app (UWP which is nice, but again, external to Outlook), but To Do launched from the new Outlook app should open inside the Outlook app. the old client does it just fine.

@JeffInIdaho I wish I had seen this message thread before devoting so much time to organize my lists and tasks in the web browser because that's where it opened from Outlook side bar. The tasks app in Teams doesn't even show those tasks in "My Day" which I can see in the web browser. So frustrating and such a waste of time!  

Why would I want two apps to do what I could do with one app previously.   I really don't understand why Tasks/To Do integration with with the desktop client has been removed.  Makes it unusable so I'll get a 3rd party app instead.

What a horrible idea. I don't want a web page when the ToDo app is already installed on my laptop. For now I have switched back to the original Outlook and will stay there until forced to move.

@JeffInIdaho if you click the icon in the top blue bar, far left (calendar with a tick) it opens up a my day view inside the new outlook, to do/tasks are in there

I completely agree with you. I think it is ridiculous. Hopefully they address this soon. You can make Outlook open the ToDo Outlook email links in the desktop app so they should be able to fix this. It's so annoying.

@Teresa_Cyrus somewhat related. Can you tell me why New Outlook won't open in the desktop app now? It was but for the last two days it won't open and then scoots over to the web version, which isn't what I want. Also, in the web version, you can't have multiple Accounts in your list of folders and Favorites. You have to switch back and forth like in Teams, which is a PITA. In the desktop version I was able to keep all Accounts folders on the left side, now only one account opens




I tried using my New Outlook but couldn't replicate the problem you mentioned.


You're right about the web version's handling of multiple accounts. However, you can switch between accounts by following the steps in the image below. It's not as simple as Outlook Desktop and doesn't display all mailboxes in the left navigation for easy access, but it's still an option.


I advise that you give Microsoft feedback or vote on existing ones requesting multiple account functionality in the web version. Feel free to add your feedback link in this thread so others can vote.

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Really, Microsoft? If I wanted web apps, I'd drop my subs for desktop apps and save money. Looks like I'm reverting again.

Microsoft has said that they are aware of the issue and are fixing it, but remember, the new outlook is currently in development and is not fully implemented.

@tcari15, have any of the versions ever been fully implemented?

@bronteskye Sort of - it doesn't give you access to all the functionality of the ToDo application. There's no flagged emails, for instance - yes, you can filter emails to find them, but the ToDo list of them is a really convenient way of catching up with emails you've flagged for later attention.

Hopefully MS will implement this properly by the time Outlook New Look reaches full release else, as others have said, what's the point in paying for desktop Office if it's going to bounce you into web versions of applications?