New Outlook & Teams Instant Contact Syncing Inconsistencies


For work and school accounts, you can sync contacts added in Teams to Outlook instantly. This functionality is rolling out in mid-December through late January (MC695487). However, I discovered some syncing inconsistencies when deleting and editing contacts.


1) Editing a Teams-created contact in Teams adds a duplicate contact in Outlook. This functionality works as expected.


2) Deleting a Teams-created contact while in Outlook does not remove the contact from Teams.


3) Editing a Teams-created contact while in Teams adds a duplicate contact in Outlook.



Microsoft has been informed. Stay tuned for any updates to fix these bugs.


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UPDATE ON 1/14/2024: Microsoft's response. 
The process of having the contacts in Outlook and Teams will happen in two steps.  The first step is to migrate Teams contacts to the Contacts in the mailbox.  This is supposed to be an ongoing migration process until the second stage.  In the second stage, Teams and Outlook will use the Contacts in the mailbox and, at that point, should show the exact same list. A date has not been communicated. 


Stay tuned. I will keep this thread up to date as I get more information. 


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i have those permissions blocked in settings (unable to change options, going through Edge settings.) Options are enabled for sync & switching for multi-login of account with added 'dev' scripts for auth & silent log in by remote phone user! Office 365 (i dont have installed) & 'Discover' apps have access by unknown users under "Mobile Sites" settings tab, i dont sync devices or use any apps to share/connect with anything other than the 1 Windows platform. >: Im pretty sure it has modified under the 'Edge' remote vulnerabilities exploit, thus allowing full network access & device control with installation of many "Runtime, C++, UWP & other packages. (Causing device O's to have restricted repair/update fixes, & all other apps have silent extensions updates for full creepy remote functionality.) I been trying to give Microsoft the many new backdoor exploits for 2 years, i have the protocols used & modded scripts for almost all common apps, MS & 3rd party! I spent 4-5 hours last week teaching the techs/engineers about how easy hackers can hijack accounts, devices & do anything posing as the owners identity! - Its like they dont believe such security breach of this level is achievable. (i have the files/logs, years of proof. They side step & wont allow me an upload link or email to send.)