New gmail-specific issue with snoozing emails in the microsoft outlook desktop app

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I posted this in a gmail forum a while back and didn't get a response, so hoping i'll have more luck here!

I have been using Microsoft Outlook for some time as my mail client on my macbook.  I have come to rely heavily on the Snooze function in the app, which worked fine with my gmail account until sometime in April  

Now, whenever a "snoozed" message comes back at the specified time, it appears in my inbox for a short time and then disappears from outlook.  If i log in to the gmail webapp, i can find the messages under a new "snoozed" label (note that this is distinct from the "snoozed" box at the top right under Inbox), so I guess they are getting moved there.  Oddly this label does not show up in Outlook with all the others I have, so now I have to open a browser to access these.
This seems like more of a gmail behavior change issue, but any ideas on how to solve would be appreciated.  I do not have the issue with the other accounts i have set up in outlook (they are both microsoft exchange accounts).
Thank you!
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@aknodt I don't have an answer, but am having the same/similar problem.  I snooze an email and at times it just vanishes.  Not every email, just some and it seems random.  Not in deleted, junk, snoozed, and no where in gmail to be found.  How can an email just disappear and leave no trace? This is a Gmail problem or Microsoft for Mac problem. It's kind of a big deal when something important just leaves the solar system. 


Nothing I've found does what Outlook does, so changing isn't a real option thus far.

@dagrev Yes, I'm having the same issue too. Any resolution here?

@hellohihello Not that I know of.  However, I have been hesitant to snooze anything important for fear it will vanish. I need to try it with some emails that don't matter, but I'm not optimistic.