New gmail-specific issue with snoozing emails in the microsoft outlook desktop app

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I posted this in a gmail forum a while back and didn't get a response, so hoping i'll have more luck here!

I have been using Microsoft Outlook for some time as my mail client on my macbook.  I have come to rely heavily on the Snooze function in the app, which worked fine with my gmail account until sometime in April  

Now, whenever a "snoozed" message comes back at the specified time, it appears in my inbox for a short time and then disappears from outlook.  If i log in to the gmail webapp, i can find the messages under a new "snoozed" label (note that this is distinct from the "snoozed" box at the top right under Inbox), so I guess they are getting moved there.  Oddly this label does not show up in Outlook with all the others I have, so now I have to open a browser to access these.
This seems like more of a gmail behavior change issue, but any ideas on how to solve would be appreciated.  I do not have the issue with the other accounts i have set up in outlook (they are both microsoft exchange accounts).
Thank you!
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@aknodt I don't have an answer, but am having the same/similar problem.  I snooze an email and at times it just vanishes.  Not every email, just some and it seems random.  Not in deleted, junk, snoozed, and no where in gmail to be found.  How can an email just disappear and leave no trace? This is a Gmail problem or Microsoft for Mac problem. It's kind of a big deal when something important just leaves the solar system. 


Nothing I've found does what Outlook does, so changing isn't a real option thus far.

@dagrev Yes, I'm having the same issue too. Any resolution here?

@hellohihello Not that I know of.  However, I have been hesitant to snooze anything important for fear it will vanish. I need to try it with some emails that don't matter, but I'm not optimistic.  

Same issue for me.  I just noticed it when I snoozed an email from a family member and realized it hadnt reappeared that evening as I scheduled.  Thanks to this thread and the one on Google I found it in the new snoozed folder on Gmail.  But neigther MS or Google seems to have any response for this new behavior that is problematic.  @aknodt 


Interesting. When any of my email disappear Gmail folders are of no help as they are not there either.  Whatever Outlook does to them it overrides Gmail, at least for me. 


I really thought this glitch would be fixed by now given all the updates, but apparently it's not: 1) affecting many; 2) most don't use the snooze; or 3) MS just isn't that concerned to look into it. 


I've tried other email client options, but Outlook just has (most) of the features I find work best. 

@dagrev It was the first I became aware of it when it was clearly something memorable that I deliberately snoozed in Outlook to 6 pm the same day.   I have always prefered outlook on my desktop for the features and flexibility but use gmail on my iPhone.  Luckily for me someone had found the new Snooze folder problem in Gmail and so I looked at my Gmail online and sure enough there was both the normal Gmail snoozed folder just below Starred one but way down in all my other 45 folders (Labels in Gmail) was that second one that I certainly never set up under Labels.  Once I found that folder there were a lot more emails from about the past 4 months mainly, luckily none important.  


Something had obviously changed but no idea what and obviously MS and Google not weighing in unfortunately



Thanks, David. I just checked, and just as you mentioned, I too had an extra Snoozed folder/label that I did not (knowingly) ever create. I had 96 email that went to this folder and just stayed. Now to figure out why, and how to get this Snoozed folder to work like a snoozed folder instead of a trash folder!
Good to hear......I definitely never created that second folder so for some reason it is being created now when in the past it was no issue and snoozed emails didnt "disappear" from Outlook which is happening now!

I deleted the new label folder and it's now dated content and I think snooze may be working properly now. I haven't fooled with it much due to focusing on over Covid, but I'm thinking deleting that folder may have solved the problem. Now snoozed email go to the "normal" folder and don't disappear to one that forgets to resend them at the appointed time.



Thanks for letting me know this.......I have been busy with other things lately so haven't re-investigated the contents of the new gmail snooze folder since we first discussed...... but now you have done this and it seems to work I will try it myself :)

@dagrev@drdavebOMG THIS IS IT! with business of life i had given up troubleshooting and was just living with this issue for a while. finally this weekend i decided i couldn't take it anymore and it occurred to me that i hadn't tried just deleting that label in gmail. came back to this thread and your post bolstered my idea to try it. seems like it's fixed now - what a relief!! (ps i'm the op but a dif account..)

@annchovies14 Glad it worked. You may still have some issues. I do, but nothing like before. If only someone with a degree in IT (or a 14 yr old) would address this on either MS or Google's side and fix it so it worked as before.

@dagrev @annchovies14 


That's great......I also deleted the snoozed folder after transferring the many emails in it to safety and it does not seem to have been re-instituted by gmail!


Thanks to @dagrev for finding the solution:lol:

@drdavebThank you, but as I recall, it was something you mentioned about the "Labels" (otherwise known as folders), that made me try it. I can only take partial credit. My extra Snoozed folder/label has not returned, yet I still have snoozed email disappear on rare occasions or get duplicates created. Nevertheless, it is far better than it was.   

Thanks for the tip of the hat: Good teamwork I think it was :). I have been checking to see if that extra Snoozed reappears in Labels but so far it hasn't so hoping for the best. I use mainly Outlook for Mac on my desktop for email management and have been avoiding snoozing in gMail on my phone in hopes of avoiding this again.....I just snooze in my Outlook for Mac only.
Teamwork it was! I am using MS Office on a MacBook Pro and another email app on my Samsung. I don't think I have tried snoozing with my phone, but will try that sometime. I only use snooze on the MacBook P and iPad. I suppose some change at Google and MS not playing nice with each other is at fault. Just an uneducated guess, however. If it were not for the extra Label showing up in the past I would suspect MS Office just wasn't working well with the Mac system.
I certainly suspected something with MS / apple / google not playing nicely together. I'm also using outlook on by macbook pro. Coming back to my inbox today , i'm seeing that some emails i snoozed yesterday to far in the future are back in my inbox, which is a small buzzkill, but it's quite encouraging that the solution has persisted for the two of you and certainly this issue isn't as bad as the previous!

Interesting on the MS Office/Outlook for Mac is common to all 3 of us!! I use my iphone a lot when I am out and about to check emails and it is via gmail ..... when scanning through emails I think I would commonly snooze quite a few for later review and it was only when a couple of important ones went missing that I began looking into it and got to this site. I think I was partially/ unfairly thinking the sender had not sent the information requested when they had. Then the extra Snoozed folder/label in gmail was discovered in which I found these missing emails along with dozens of others. It was nice to find this thread which led to the solution :) @dagrev @annchovies14