New Email (HTML) Saves As Plain Text

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After the last few Office update I am facing an issue with saving emails across my organisation. When a new email (a draft email) is created and saved to our file servers it's being saved as Plain Text, although the original format is HTML.


This is across multiple Remote Desktop servers, local Outlook and also occurring in Outlook installed on my personal device not connected to the business so it appears as if it's something that's changed within the application. We first noticed the issue a little over a month ago after the last Office updates and hasn't changed with the most recent updates business, Monthly Enterprise, personal Current Channel).


The only work around I have found is to create the email, save it to Outlook draft and then to use Save As to save it to our file servers.


Has anyone else seen this behaviour or know why it's now occurring as I'm unable to find anything in the release notes that would suggest such a change, or have a solution.


Thanks in advance.

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Same problem here. Came up with the same solution as above, but it's sloppy and causes many other issues. Anyone out there who has a solution, or at least knows what the underlying problem is?

@AStaUK Having the same issue as yours. It's been a pain since many of the employees are experiencing the same issue.

I got an update from Microsoft.


"I have received an update from our Product Group that the target release of fix will be on June 1st, 2024.


Reference Number: 8881363

Workaround is to save to Drafts before doing the File > Save as to the file system"

Great, thanks for the update, glad Microsoft have it on their radar.

@Billy102 Hi, Do you have the link or article or discussion for Reference Number: 8881363? 

@Art_Leyva It's a personal back and forth email thread that took me over 2 months before Microsoft support acknowledges that it is part of the bug.