New Authentication for email from September 2024

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I have received an email from Microsoft headed " Update your sign-in technology before September 16th, 2024 to maintain email access."


I have an outlook account, and use a hotmail email address. Currently  I receive emails on an iPhone, iPad, iMac and Mac book. I login using my email and a password and I believe (from the information provided) that from September 2024 I need to authenticate this login with a further step in addition to an email and password. While this seems sensible and fairly straightforward, I cannot make head or tail of the instructions regarding what I need to do to change my existing set up so that it complies.

Can anyone explain what I need to do in simple terms, as I find the Microsoft instructions baffling.

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Not sure if it will help, but there is a longer explanation (with questions and replies from MS) at



Additional information can be found here:
Modern Authentication Methods now needed to continue syncing Outlook Email in non-Microsoft email ap...


Is it possible to post the email details? I want to create a video on this process.