Need to Delete Outlook Umbrella Account/Email Address???

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My internet provider sold the email side of the business to Brightspeed, which apparently broke my Microsoft Outlook program and cannot fix it. 


To cut to the chase, at some point I decided to save my critical Outlook email folders to PST files, delete my three accounts (maybe email addresses is a better term), and recreate them.  The second and third accounts (email addresses) deleted with no issues.  There were completely gone and I recreated them with no problems, and they work.  Things did not go as smoothly with the first account (email address), which was the original, i.e., the first account (email address) that I created some years ago when I first installed Outlook.  When I deleted this account (address), the main folder was still there, along with the original Inbox, Sent Items, Deleted Items, Junk E-mail, RSS Feeds, Outbox, and Search Folders.  However, when I go to Account Settings, that account does not appear there.  The other two account (email addresses) are there. 


So, I thought I would recreate that first account (email address).  When I tried, Outlook asked me for the password to an account (email address) that should not even exist.  None of the passwords work, therefore, I cannot recreate the account (email address).


I am thinking that some part of this original account (email address) still exists in the Outlook program, perhaps because it was the original account (email address).  If I can purge the remaining parts of the account (email address), maybe I will be able recreate the account (address).  Is it possible that this original account (address) is some kind of umbrella account (address)?  


Any thoughts?

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As I wait for replies to this question, I continued to search for solutions. As I suspected, the first account (email address) is, apparently the "primary email address". However, all the solutions that I have run upon deal with Outlook Exchange service. I need a solution, i.e., how to delete the primary email address from my computer's standalone Outlook program. Any help would be greatly appreciated.