Need to access all my email accounts

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I would like to use to access all my email accounts. However, as of 2021, this is no longer supported.


It looks like the suggested way to do this now is to install Outlook on Windows and my mobile devices.


But how would this work? If I read the emails on one device, those emails would no longer be available on another device. Or if they showed up on one device, my other devices would not know I've already read that message.


For these reasons, I prefer a Web-based email client. This way, all messages are downloaded to one location, and tracking which emails I've read would be in one location, and I could access this location from any device.


Can anyone tell me how others are handling multiple email accounts from multiple devices? Does Microsoft even have a good solution? I'd be willing to pay for 365 Basic at $20/year, but not sure I'd want to spend much more than that.

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Hi @SoftCircuits,

Microsoft does provide a solution for managing multiple email accounts from multiple devices.

You can use Microsoft Outlook to manage all your email accounts in one place. Here's how it works:
1. Enable the IMAP setting on your other email accounts.
This allows Outlook to connect to your other email accounts and send and receive messages.

2. If you've enabled two-factor authentication on any of your other email accounts, you may need to provide an app-specific password that grants Outlook access to your inbox.

3. After these initial steps, you can add your other email accounts to your Microsoft Outlook account.

Once you've added your other email accounts to Outlook, you can access data from these accounts within your Outlook account.

Use Outlook for multiple email accounts – Microsoft 365

As for Microsoft 365 Basic, it includes Outlook and OneDrive with 100 GB of cloud storage, secure ad-free email, and access to 24/7 support experts. It works across multiple devices and is always up to date. The cost is $1.99/month, which is approximately $24/year.

Microsoft 365 Basic Plan & Pricing (Includes OneDrive 100gb Storage, Outlook) - Microsoft Store

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Thanks. The ONLY detail I was curious about Microsoft 365 Basic is whether or not is supports multiple email accounts. If yes, then it would be well worth the price. If not, I wouldn't be interested even if it's free. But it seems that it does not.

@Stevestowelllivecom What a useless reply. I have no idea WTF you think is incorrect. A whole many things have been said. Don't strain yourself typing more than 9 characters.

@SoftCircuits TRY IT.  It does not work as you missed any and all prerequisits.  This is over 9 characters.


The only way you can have multiple mail accounts is to have a paid microsoft office or 365 account.  Yes some products still work without but the full version installed on desk or lap top no longer allows multiple accounts unless paid / premium account