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Why has Microsoft chosen to force users to accept the change to the navigation bar location?


It reduces the amount of usable screen space. Why isn't it customisable? So infuriating. It could have done all the additional features while it was in the same location as before.


Any help on work-arounds 

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Hi @robert_king,


I am an independent advisor investigating this inquiry.


Currently, there is no workaround for changing the location of the navigation bar.  (Well, there is but it is not wise to revert to the previous application version.) However, your idea of allowing users to customize the location of the navigation is great. I encourage you to influence change by giving Microsoft feedback. Your suggestion will be added to the Feedback portal which allows others to vote.


1. Click on the Question mark at the top menu

2. Select Feedback

3. Choose Suggestion.

traccreations4e ms feedback.png


If you find this information helpful - even when you disagree with Microsoft's decision - please mark it as the best response or like it, which will help others with the same issue.


Thank you.


Assuming you are talking about taskbar change from bottom left to the center, you can move it from the center back to the left corner if that helps...