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I have used Outlook for many years.  My email address is  Over the years I managed to clear out most all spam emails in my inbox and get it all directed to the junk folder and it's been great to not have that crap in my inbox anymore.  However, as a result of Hurricane Harvey and my need to search the internet for items to repair my house, I have subscribed to a few websites so that I can get information from them.  The BIG problem is that with each one of those subscriptions, I am also get a overload of junk mail in my inbox that has nothing to do with my subscriptions and I cannot get rid of them.  I have unsubscribed over and over and marked them as junk but they still keep coming back into my inbox.  This really pisses me off!  I don't have time to clean up my inbox of crap every time I go into my email. 


I want it fixed!  And I don't want to have to get on the phone and wait an hour to talk to someone who is not going to know what to do or rather will make the matter worse.


It's great that Outlook wants to keep us safe, but this is not keeping me safe and it's keeping me in a really bad mood when I get loads and loads of trash in my Inbox.  I've always deleted my span instead of clearing it out because I want to make sure I didn't miss something important.  But now I have to sift through crap in my inbox also just to find my legitimate email.


Very irritated and unhappy Outlook user.  It used to be the absolutely only way for me to go with my email.  Now I am starting to think I need to see if there is something I can change to.


Becky Thomas

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I'm trying to understand the specifics of your issue here, as provides an element of junk filtering - but if your email has been given to a website and subsequently used by other senders that's beyond their scope.
I would suggest reporting the bad senders to appropriate authorities and systems where it can be handled.
What is junk for you may be legitimate email for another person.
Sorry I know that's not the answer you're probably looking for but there's limited capabilities with free email services.