My Hotmail account still gets an over storage capacity notice despite my doing huge deletes

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I have been using the same Hotmail account email address removed for privacy reasons for almost 20 years. On May 4, I received a notice that at 7.26GB, I had gone 144% over my storage capacity of 5GB and therefore, could no longer send or receive emails. I deleted a huge amount of emails, including a huge amount of emails with attachments, back to the beginning of 2018, but there was no change to my incapacity to send or receive emails.. On May 11, I again received the same notice that my storage was up 144% at 7.26GB. That is impossible, considering all the deleting I had done. How can I advise the person or machine that makes the decisions about my having corrected the situation? I can presently receive emails at email address removed for privacy reasons. Thank you very much.

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