My attachments will not send in emails

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About a week ago I started having issues with my attachments not send in my emails. 


Our company's emails are google based, but I prefer to use MS Outlook and I haven't had an issue before this. We also use dropbox as our "server" for our files. I am also on a MAC Book PRO. 


I see the attachment on the email and I can see the attachment on the email after it sends, but then a few minutes later, I either get an email from the recipient that the attachment is not there or I go look in my sent folder and the attachment has disappeared from the email.  


I have restarted my computer 100 times, hard quit, and a couple other basic things to try and correct this. 


Please help, this is my busiest time of year with Fireworks and I cannot function using gmail. 


Thank you, 


Joy Bartucci


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