Mute contact?

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I'm a teacher and also provide all the IT support for my school. As such, I'm part of a few "groups" in my school district's Outlook. I get all the emails sent to the IT group, my grade-level group, my specific school group, my subject group, etc.


That's a lot of email, right?


Well...80% of the emails are from one person. They share EVERY interesting blog, tech tool, teacher hack, etc they come across (and I think they belong to every technology and teaching based list-serv known to man).


Is there ANY way to mute this person? I know how to mute conversations/threads, but this person starts a new conversation about whatever new crap they found every ten minutes. 


I can't mute Outlook notifications because I need to be able to respond to tech drama at a moment's notice, but I'm sick of the constant *ding* *ding* *ding* *ding* of every flippin' email this lady sends out. And I can't block this person because...blah blah blah unprofessional...blah blah player. *grumble*


I'd complain to higher ups, but people seem to LIKE her turning everyone's email into her personal Pinterest...



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