Multiple accounts displayed in Outlook

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I'm using Office 365 Outlook and had some issues the other day with my POP3 account. I had to go in and delete out my profiles from Control Panel | Mail section and start over with new profiles to get my email to start working again. However, now when I open up Outlook I see two profiles. One is "" which is empty and another that is " (1)" that is populated and where new email is being delivered. I would like to remove the profile that is not getting data delivered to and then hopefully rename the "(1)" from the other profile. Thing is I can't find where the empty profile is. When I look at the Email profiles going to the Control Panel | Mail | Edit Profiles, it only lists the one profile with the "(1)" in it. I've also tried going to the Accounts section inside of Outlook but again it only shows the one profile with the "(1)" in it. I could kind of live with two profiles except that what is really annoying is that every time I re-open Outlook it defaults to have the empty profile open. I have to minimize that profile and then expand the "(1)" profile and that gets old having to do that every time. Where would Outlook be getting that other profile from? 

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