MS Outlook - Why don't Open emails close down if you delete them from within Outlook

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Something that has always frustrated me...


Say you are using Outlook and you open several emails emails during the day. 

The emails open in there individual windows, they go on top of one another and you effectively lose focus of the open emails...(if you chose not to close them) etc.


If you then are using the main outlook interface browsing through your emails (not opening them) and you choose to delete an email or two or three...WHY (if that email was one that was open from earlier)  does it not remove it or close it from your screen.


Consequently what you end up with is emails that you have deleted in outlook remain open on your screen!


Not sure I have explained very well but it is very frustrating.



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What version of Outlook are you using?

In New Outlook, I tested your scenario and it worked properly for me.


  • I opened multiple emails in their own windows. 
  • I deleted an individual email and it closed and moved to the deleted Folder.
  • I also deleted an email from the message list while an email was open in its own window. The deleted email closed the window and moved to the deleted folder. 

I was unable to recreate your scenario. 

/Teresa #traccreations4e 3/18/2024


I don't have access to Outlook 2016 to investigate this issue fully. I have MS 365 Business Standard.